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Turel is the OC of my commissioner from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)

I had a lot of fun with this one and pushed myself on details as I’d never really messed with higher details including lighting and glow effects and stuff, so I’m kinda proud of this one.  And I’m glad my commissioner likes it.

I really hope I get more like it.  And it reminds me that I need to finish my own character.  I started playing but haven’t due to work and etc things…..I really want to play it now.  I shall draw my OC from the game then haha!

Turel is © My Commissioner
Star Wars is © George Lucas/Lucas Arts & Disney
Artwork is by Me

If anybody is interested, I draw OCs and game characters, both tabletop and pc/console and pretty much everthing you name it btw ehehe

A loooooong overdue commission of Komui Lee from D. Gray Man.  I have just recently finished this entirely, it’s been about half done for like…..ever…..and I am horrible for that.  But it’s done.  My main problem is that I cannot get ahold of my commissioner  :<

If anybody knows a Ryo Hoshi please send them my way so we can see if they are my commissioner cuz that’s about all I remember is their name they went by unfortunately.

But yeah.  Pinup Komui!  <3

Car doodles!  I went on a trip this weekend and amused myself for at least half of the 7-hrs each way trip by sketching nonstop between napping and staring out the window or playing hangman/playing psp the other half, which surprised the hell out of me considering I nooooormally get so carsick within the first half hour of even trying to do this kinda stuff but I got on a roll and cranked out a good 10 sketches, most of which were absolute shit but these and the two below this post of Aidan and Prentice were the best looking of the sketches…..the “postworthy” if you will.

So the first one is my OC Matteh translated into KH style gear and keyblade.  Ashley’s been replaying 1&2 and I cracked in BBS during the trip and nostalgiaed myself to death so I’ma slowly sketch out each of our OCs in KH attire/matching keyblade….eventually…..maybe….yeaaahhhh….

Second one is obvious….Nightcrawler.  my mobile google search was pretty fruitless on solidly stated outfits and I started getting carsick searching so I quit and went mostly off memory, but I like it and I wanna do something more with it.

Last one is actually a commission in progress.  It’s a digital commission but I do everything preliminary in pencil cuz it’s comfortable/feels better to me, and I just got his approval for final inks and colors this morning.  It’s his SWTOR character Turel.  I’m proud of it so far and I’m glad he likes it a lot, so I’ll be posting the finished one here soon.

I really don’t want to lose my motivation on this one cuz I just think it’s come out so pretty lately.  This is the inked version of my Venus As A Boy sketch I refined the other day.

I felt really shitty yesterday after work so I made myself feel a tad bit better by inking this.

"He believes in beauty,
He’s Venus as a boy…..”

I’d had this inked and partially watercolored several months back but when I went to drag it out of its spot again it seems I’ve either misplaced it or it’s just grown legs and disappeared cuz I can’t find it anywhere.  So I retransferred and reinked it all over again on another sheet of watercolor paper and am gonna redo the process.  I’d kind of messed up on the merman’s tail to begin with so eh here’s to restarting from scratch and hoping it goes better in round 2.

I couldn’t sleep last night so after working on some commissions I drug this thing back out again to refine it. It’s now finally on the watercolor paper and ready to ink and wash. Now if I could only kick my arse into gear to finally finish it cuz I’m super proud of how the sketch refining came out. It’s been sitting untouched past rough sketch stage since like august or so and I have been feeling the itch to refine it the last week after coming across the initial rough sketch.

It’s inspired off of Bjork’s “Venus As A Boy” song. It’s probably totally unfitting to the song but it works for me and I am actually for once very proud of a piece.

“He believes in beauty
He’s Venus as a boy”

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